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Tommy Crichlow is a Tuner, Arranger, Adjudicator and Panist. He has been involved with music since he was nine. He is the leader of PanMasters Steel Orchestra in Toronto Canada and he makes and tunes his own instruments. Tommy offers well-tuned instruments to his customers. His instruments meet all professional standards. He also reuses quality drums from multiple sources to help the environment. His strength is based on providing total sales and services for the Steelpan industry. Tommy has experience in various types of Steelpans which makes him unique, and he is rated among the best. Tommy also teaches Steelpan Music and plays various types of music.

Social purpose is essential to our business. Each year we devote a percentage of our time to projects in our community that need of a touch of sparkle.

It’s how we share the joy of music...

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Quality instruments and accessories by Tommy Crichlow...

Tommy will provide you with the best that satisfies your needs.


Tommy Chrichlow was born in Tunapuna Trinidad in 1942 and has been involved with music since he was nine. At the age of eleven his love for pan music began after hearing the sounds of “Girl Pat” an all-girl Steelband. The teacher, Miss Henley, noticed his ear for music, encouraged his interest and set him on his path. Soon thereafter he joined “Samba Boys” where, along with playing the bass guitar and the piano, he learned to play and make the Steelpan. In the following years he improved his skills in tuning the notes of the Steelpan for a group called “Tripoli” and also learned to arrange and compose music while playing with ”Silver Stars.” In the sixties Tommy started his own instrumental Steelband group named the “Moon Rakers.” This served as a stepping-stone into the pan music business. After placing third in Trinidad’s largest pan competition “Panorama”, Tommy was invited to play in Canada at the 1967 Expo in Montreal Canada where he was the tuner and arranger for Esso Tripoli. There he saw the possibilities of expanding his dreams. While on that trip he visited Niagara Falls where he had his picture taken with Trinidad’s Prime Minister at the time, Dr. Eric Williams. This picture was hanged on the wall of the “Maid of the Mist” restaurant for many years with the mistaken quote “A young Stevie Wonder.”


Tommy is always looking for innovation and improvements.

He recently discovered an easy way for pan players to write and read music scores: The "Readable Music" system, originally developed for playing keyboard instruments. By using this system, Tommy was able to cut practice time in half, as his players did not need any more to memorize lengthy pieces.

Readable Music

Tommy will work with you, if you want to learn how to read and write music for the pan.


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