Steel Pans

Tenor Pan

Tenor/Soprano Pan. Quality workmanship, chromed. CAD $999.

Double Tenor Pan

Double Tenor Pan. Quality workmanship, chromed. CAD $1,199.

Double Second Pan

Double Second Pan. Quality workmanship, chromed. CAD $1,199.

Four Pan

Four Pan. Quality workmanship, chromed. CAD $1,499.

Tenor Base Pan Two

Tenor Base Pan. Quality workmanship, chromed. CAD $1,499.

Cello Pan

Cello Pan. Quality workmanship, chromed. CAD $1,399.

Traditional Six Bass Pan

Traditional Six Bass Pan. Quality workmanship, painted, not chromed. CAD $1,499.


Please call Tommy for the price of accessories.

Adjustable stand

Quality adjustable stand for single pans

Adjustable stand Double Pans

Quality adjustable stand for double pans

Collapsable Stand

Quality collapsable stand for single pans

Collapsable Stand Two Pans

Quality collapsable stand for double pans

Collapsable Stand for Cello Pans

Quality collapsable stand for Cello pans

Collapsable Stand Four Pans

Quality collapsable stand for Four Pans

Wood Blocks for Six Base Pans

Wooden blocks base for Six Base Pans

Custom Steelpan Case

Custom steelpan case

Steelpan sticks

Standard steelpan sticks.

Steelpan sticks for Six Base Pans

Sticks for Six Base Pans.

Music Lessons

Please call Tommy for scheduling. Please pay here, $100 for ten lessons (six month period). Please select the shipping option "pickup" in the cart, in order to prevent adding a shipping cost to your order.


Downloadables to be added soon.

CD One

CD: "Mind your business". Buy for only CAD $9.99.

CD Two

CD: "Misbehave". Buy for only CAD $9.99.

CD Three

CD: "Pan is number One". Buy for only CAD $9.99.